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Corporate Responsibility


Founded in 1914, The Toro Company is committed to helping our customers enrich the beauty, productivity and sustainability of the land. The company's exceptional longevity has been made possible by the hard work of our employees and channel partners who, together, have built long-lasting customer relationships based on integrity and trust. The company also takes great pride in our innovative products and services that help make people's lives easier and better, while both protecting and enhancing human and natural resources on which we all depend.

In supporting our communities, The Toro Company gives back where our employees live and work. The company supports and encourages employee community engagement, and routinely shares product resources to help make a meaningful difference in communities around the world. Additionally, by collectively leveraging the expertise and resources of The Toro Company and our business partners around the world, we believe we are uniquely positioned to meaningfully advance the interests of both our customers and the industries we serve.

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The Toro Company The Toro Company
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