Autonomous Solutions

We are committed to driving autonomous solutions in the markets we serve to increase productivity, deliver more consistent results and alleviate some of the challenges our customers face. That includes developing a variety of autonomous solutions for residential, golf and commercial applications and beyond. These solutions are targeted at enabling our customers to do more with less as they face ongoing labor challenges. Our goal is not to replace labor with autonomous products, but to allow staff to focus where they’re needed most — doing more detailed work that requires more skill and decision-making.

robotic mower

The Future Of Mowing Is…Not Mowing

With more than a century of delivering innovative solutions for the outdoor environment, Toro’s new robotic mower represents the latest in smart, connected technology for homeowners and their yards. Featuring the industry’s first vision-based localization system and wire-free navigation, the technology makes installation simple and navigating around obstacles seamless. A beautiful, always-ready lawn has never been easier.

The Evolution Of A New Cured-In-Place Pipe

Providing a rehabilitation solution for aging or damaged pipe infrastructure without the need to dig or replace existing pipe, Bluelight™ technology by HammerHead Trenchless is one of the most advanced light curing systems available. The Bluelight LED Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining System features an intuitive touch-screen interface and interchangeable reels for convenience on the jobsite. Bluelight’s automated curing system pulls the LED light head through the pipe, curing up to five times faster than conventional methods to extend the service life of pipe for up to 50 years.

Take Command Of Water

Toro’s Tempus™ Automation System is the first in the agricultural irrigation industry to feature 4G/Wi-Fi/LoRa/Bluetooth technology. This intuitive cloud-based platform provides instant access to every controller, valve and sensor in the irrigation system to help growers reduce overall labor, improve crop irrigation/fertigation, and remotely monitor the entire system as well as agronomic conditions. The Tempus system was recognized as a 2021 New Product Contest Winner by the Irrigation Association.

Smart Autonomous Solutions

Toro’s GeoLink® Solutions™ include a GPS-guided sprayer that is available on the market today, and we are working on an autonomous fairway mower. Acquisitions of Left Hand Robotics and TURFLYNX, along with our internal investments and teams, have been instrumental in the development of these products and have helped accelerate our innovation pipeline of autonomous technologies.

Our Company

At The Toro Company, we take great pride in helping our customers enrich the beauty, productivity, and sustainability of the land. Founded in 1914, The Toro Company was built on a tradition of quality and caring relationships. Today, the company is a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment including turf maintenance, snow and ice management, landscape, rental and specialty construction equipment, and irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions. Through a strong network of professional distributors, dealers and retailers in more than 125 countries, we proudly offer a wide range of products across a family of global brands to help golf courses, professional contractors, groundskeepers, agricultural growers, rental companies, government and educational institutions, and homeowners – in addition to many leading sports venues and historic sites around the world.