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At The Toro Company, we know that product quality and consistency are main elements our customers deserve, right along with reliability and durability. That's why we believe you should know about the quality designations within ISO 9000 that our company continues to achieve. Foremost, we want you to fully understand how you more than anyone will directly benefit from The Toro Company's quest for quality.

Question: What is ISO 9000? 
Simply defined, ISO 9000 is a formalized set of quality definitions and standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO is derived from the Greek word for "equal". All companies whose quality management systems are ISO certified have met identical, globally-recognized quality requirements. Granted, it's a company's quality processes that are certified, not its actual products. However, the premise behind ISO 9000 is that if a company uses consistent processes while producing its products, the overall quality of each product will rise.

The "9000" simply refers to the series of ISO standards for Quality Management. The 9001 designation refers to the quality management and quality assurance standards for the design/development, production, installation and service of the product. It is the most comprehensive of all the standards. The 9002 designation covers all the elements of the 9001 standard except design/development.

The ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certifications for these commercial products and irrigation facilities make The Toro Company the first full-line commercial turf care equipment manufacturer to receive such certifications.

Question: Why did The Toro Company pursue ISO certification? 
The answer is simple. For you, our customer. While The Toro Company already excels in providing products of exceptional quality, the ISO certifications elevate The Toro Company's leadership in and continued commitment to providing unequaled quality, performance and reliability to you. We also know that for some of you, the need for ISO 9000 certification is increasing as you try to specify requirements for equipment purchases. In fact, many customers in foreign countries and in the United States now consider ISO certification a prerequisite when purchasing commercial products.

Question: How did The Toro Company achieve ISO certification?
To be sure, getting and keeping ISO 9000 certification is difficult, but very worthwhile.

The Toro Company currently maintains ISO 9000 quality certifications in two major areas of the company: its three commercial turf care products design and manufacturing facilities (Tomah, Shakopee and Bloomington) and all of its irrigation division's operations.

Each certification required aggressive effort and thorough preparation. Approximately 20 assessment criteria had to be met, followed by a rigorous audit. To ensure objectivity, this "test" was conducted by an independent team of certified auditors, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. Following certification, The Toro Company must submit to ongoing sustaining audits to ensure quality standards are being met. If not, certification can be revoked.

Question: As a The Toro Company customer, how will you benefit? 
Trust. The Toro Company's ISO certifications are tangible proof that we have a documented system and the long-term commitment to provide the level of process consistency and quality that you expect.

Customer Satisfaction. A company whose processes are ISO certified is considered more capable of manufacturing products to a level of product consistency and quality respected throughout the world. Maintaining our ISO certifications means striving to make you even more satisfied with your The Toro Company products and with every interaction you have with us.

Confidence. "Right the first time" is the creed of ISO. However, the ISO format requires The Toro Company to have a corrective action plan to investigate and correct product problems. By being more efficient internally and more responsive externally, we hope you'll hold even greater confidence in our products.

Efficiency. Some of you may already be required to purchase products from ISO-certified companies. The Toro Company's certifications will make your purchasing process more efficient by reducing your need to perform quality audits or special assessments.

Question: How significant are The Toro Company's ISO achievements compared to the company's competitors? 
The Toro Company is the first major manufacturer of turf care equipment achieving the rigorous ISO 9000 standards. We are pursuing ISO methodology through the company as part of the way The Toro Company conducts its business.

The Toro Company has started out with ISO 9000 quality certifications in two major areas of the company. Each certification is particularly noteworthy because each represents a "first" in their industries.

The Toro Company Commercial Products Division, Bloomington, MN
The Toro Company's commercial business in Bloomington, MN obtained the ISO 9001 certification for its quality management systems functions including design, purchasing, sales and research and development. By including our research and development in this certification, even our earliest prototype models are subject to stronger quality scrutiny.

The Toro Company Commercial Products Manufacturing Plants in Tomah, WI and Shakopee, MN
The Toro Company's Tomah, Wisconsin manufacturing plant, the main manufacturing facility for commercial products, and the Shakopee component manufacturing facility are certified to the ISO 9002 standard. Tomah supplies customers with more than 250 different The Toro Company models for the commercial turf care industry and Shakopee supplies parts for both commercial and consumer products that are assembled at other The Toro Company facilities.

The Toro Company Irrigation Division, Riverside, CA
The ISO 9001 certification for The Toro Company's Irrigation Division covers the full range of golf, commercial, and residential products that the facility designs, develops and produces. The Toro Company leads the way as the only full-line manufacturer of turf irrigation products to have received ISO 9001 certification.

Note: It's important to remember that ISO 9000 does not give products a "seal of approval", nor can products be termed "ISO-certified". ISO 9000 endorses the overall organizational structure, procedures, and processes at a certified plant.

Question: How do I know The Toro Company's attention to quality isn't temporary just the latest business trend? 
The The Toro Company wouldn't exist today if its quest for quality was a temporary interest. Our mission is a permanent process.

ISO certification is one of many quality improvement steps we've chosen to move us ahead in our on-going mission for continuous improvement and ultimately greater customer satisfaction. Therefore, there really is no end to our quality journey.

We'll continue to update you about our on-going quality pursuits and achievements and, most importantly, how they will benefit you now and in the future.

Questions: Who can answer my questions about The Toro Company's ISO9000 certifications? 
If you have questions about ISO 9000, we want to hear from you. Please contact us at:

The The Toro Company Company
Commercial Products Division

Attention: Total Quality Manager
8111 Lyndale Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55420
Or call (612) 888-8801 
Ask for the total quality manager for commercial products

The The Toro Company Company
Irrigation Division

Attention: Total Quality Manager
5825 Jasmine Street
Riverside, CA 92504
Or call (909) 688-9221
Ask for the total quality manager for irrigation products

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