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The Toro Company's Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of our ethics and compliance program and is the foundation upon which we will continue to build our legacy as an ethical organization. Our Code of Conduct serves as a guidepost of who we want to be as a company and how we want our employees to behave - it provides the framework for ethical decision-making. Every employee plays a critical role in safeguarding and maintaining our reputation and is responsible for proper conduct every day, with every business decision and action. Our commitment to conducting business in an ethical manner results in The Toro Company being a trusted partner to all of our stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, communities and others.

Our commitment to ethical conduct is further evidenced through concerted and innovative methods to educate and engage our employees in how to apply the key principles of our Code, including through robust, interactive training, communications, videos and even humor, when appropriate, to help ensure that our ethical principles resonate across our enterprise. In addition, we provide training to our global employee population, including management, on the importance of complying with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws. Our Board of Directors annually receives a report from management on our Code of Conduct and Ethics program.

Employees are also encouraged to trust their instincts and immediately report any concerns in good faith without fear of retaliation. As such, employees can report concerns anonymously, if they so choose. To facilitate reporting and/or inquiries on our Code of Conduct, we offer a global employee helpline with translation in 8 languages. Our management is committed to responding to concerns or ideas submitted through our helpline. As just one example, after receiving a comment from an employee through our helpline, we eliminated the use of Styrofoam in our headquarters’ cafeteria and switched to using compostable containers.

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* Including anti-bribery and anti-corruption training; and over 99% of our office employee population completed code of conduct, ethics, anti-bribery and anti-corruption training in FY19.



TTC’s success is founded on a long history of caring relationships based on trust and integrity. These relationships are the foundation on which we build market leadership with the best in innovative products and solutions to make outdoor environments beautiful. We are all entrusted to carry on this legacy of excellence.

The Toro Company’s Code of Conduct can be viewed online at:
We offer a global employee helpline with translation in 8 languages.

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Our Company

At The Toro Company, we take great pride in helping our customers enrich the beauty, productivity, and sustainability of the land. Founded in 1914, The Toro Company was built on a tradition of quality and caring relationships. Today, the company is a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment including turf maintenance, snow and ice management, landscape, rental and specialty construction equipment, and irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions. Through a strong network of professional distributors, dealers and retailers in more than 125 countries, we proudly offer a wide range of products across a family of global brands to help golf courses, professional contractors, groundskeepers, agricultural growers, rental companies, government and educational institutions, and homeowners – in addition to many leading sports venues and historic sites around the world.